Tree of the Month – 2018 Calendar

Each month we have a ‘Tree of the Month’, where member’s bring along a tree of a particular species to be judged. Points are awarded to all trees and there will be a trophy for the highest number of points at the end of the year.

JANUARY Winter Image Deciduous
FEBRUARY Conifers – Pine, Juniper, Yew
MARCH Spring Accent
APRIL Fruit & Flowering trees
MAY Group Planting
JUNE Return of the Juniper (Comp)
JULY Cascade, Semi-Cascade and Windswept
AUGUST Informal Upright
SEPTEMBER Mame & Shohin
OCTOBER Autumn Foliage
NOVEMBER Broadleaf Evergreens
DECEMBER Presentation of Annual Trophy at AGM



Tree of the Month – January 2015

1st – Ray (English Hornbeam), 2nd – Bob (Chinese Elm) & Brian Wallin (Hornbeam), 3rd – Mark (Privet)



Tree of the Month – February 2015

1st – Johnny (Azalea), 2nd – Brian (Box), 3rd – Mark (Yew)


Tree of the Month – March 2015

1st – Brian (Chinese Elm), 2nd – Bob (Chinese Elm), 3rd – Chris (Chinese Elm)



Tree of the Month – April 2015

1st – Mark (Hawthorn) & Brian (Rosemary), 2nd – Chris (Larch), 3rd – Alex (Juniper) & Richard (Cotoneaster)



Tree of the Month – May 2015

1st – Alex (Wisteria), 2nd – Marilyn (Hawthorn), 3rd – Brian (Berberis)



Tree of the Month – June 2015

1st – Bob (Yew), 2nd – Ming (Yew), 3rd – Chris (Yew)

Tree of the Month – January 2016

1st – Ming (Cork Bark Elm), 2nd – Len (Trident/root over rock) & Paul (Larch), 3rd – Chris (Maple)